about the project

Who is the Filipino woman? This is a question no single Filipina can answer alone. I aim to work with  other Filipino women to collectively reflect on this question and create movement that expresses our celebrations of being a Filipina. 

This project will use the medium of film to explore and highlight the strength in these soft qualities, challenge our critical minds, foster conscious social behaviours to celebrate the traditional and contemporary Filipino woman.

Maria Clara has become a byword in Filipino culture for the traditional, feminine ideal. She is a character in our National hero's book, "Noli Me Tangere," and is known to be demure, modest, loyal, and self-effacing.  Picture the liberating image of a group of female bodies in a vast Filipino setting- celebrating their own ideas of womanly ideals as well as depicting the "soft" qualities of Maria Clara in such a way that highlights their beauty and strength.

- Tin Gamboa, project creator