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about the project

Who is the Filipino woman? This is a question no single Filipina can answer alone. I aim to work with  other Filipino women to collectively reflect on this question and create movement that expresses our celebrations of being a Filipina. 

This project will use the medium of film to explore and highlight the strength in these soft qualities, challenge our critical minds, foster conscious social behaviours to celebrate the traditional and contemporary Filipino woman.

Maria Clara has become a byword in Filipino culture for the traditional, feminine ideal. She is a character in our National hero's book, "Noli Me Tangere," and is known to be demure, modest, loyal, and self-effacing.  Picture the liberating image of a group of female bodies in a vast Filipino setting- celebrating their own ideas of womanly ideals as well as depicting the "soft" qualities of Maria Clara in such a way that highlights their beauty and strength.

- Tin Gamboa, project creator 

Dancers   Jomelle "Pipay" Era, Anna "Montsie" Guerrero in rehearsal

Dancers Jomelle "Pipay" Era, Anna "Montsie" Guerrero in rehearsal


We have accepted ten women to become the cast of the MariaClara film after the Jan. 12 audition! 

Rehearsals begin soon, and we will be filming in Lipa starting January 22nd. Check our Facebook and Instagram for more info on the cast members to come.  

Filming wrapped on January 24th, keep an eye out as the film will be applying to local and international film festivals!



what we're doing


local filpina dancers 

We are currently in contact with five professional dancers in the Philippines, three emerging artists in Vancouver, and Nina
Anonas, an established artist/choreographer/associate professor of dance in the Philippines to support this endeavour. Once in the Philippines, the project will host an open jam and call for dancers to join as the film's subjects.


After selection and rehearsal, the dancers will travel to a coconut plantation to film the work, utilizing local Filipino videographers. 

international reach

Employing artists in both Canada and the Philippines, this cultural and compositional research is pertinent to Canadian culture as well, given how diversity and acceptance of other cultures is a core value of Canada. In fact, among the diverse residents of British Columbia, there are 94,000 Filipinos that reside in Greater Vancouver alone.

Ultimately, my goal is to develop a professional artistic practice that merges community engagement, contemporary dance, and film. I firmly believe there are powerful ways that these disciplines
can influence each other in creating work that sparks ideas, conversations, and rooted, positive change.
— Tin Gamboa, project creator


how you can help


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Dancers Sofia Costales, Mika Fabella in rehearsal 

Dancers Sofia Costales, Mika Fabella in rehearsal 



despedida: a night of film, food & music

(to benefit the mariaclara project)

despedida: to send someone off


When: December 17th

Where: Left of Main, 211 Keefer St. 

bar opens at 7:30pm

films start at 8pm 


- a selection of short films by Tin Gamboa, with additional films commissioned by Festival of Recorded Movement from Ralph Escamillan, Heather Lamoureux & Jamie Robinson

- musical guest Wallgrin

- traditional Filipino food



Discounted tickets for $16 available until december 14th

after december 14th, $20 

credit/Visa debit available online

cash/credit only at the door


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tin gamboa, project creator // rob kitsos, project mentor // kayla de vos, project manager // tegan wahlgren, composer // Directors of photography: Deej fabian, sami arboleda, john michael huang // dancers: paui reyes, deborah fuang, dane fuang, mika fabella, madge reyes, carissa laurel, montsie guerrero, aisha polestico, pipay era, sofia costales //